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Sales Hiring Assessments For Financial Institutions

Sales Hiring Assessments

Top sales producers outsell low producers by 10 to 1.

Improve Your Sales Hiring Success Rate

Are you hiring bankers who can sell?

Too many sales organizations rely exclusively on unstructured job interviews plus simplistic personality style tests and experience described in resumes in making their hiring and promotion decisions. These practices typically predict only 5-20% of the difference in performance between superior performers and low performers.

You can triple the predictive validity of your hiring process by using our industry validated sales hiring assessment, Optimum Performance Profile® sales predictor for candidate screening in combination with structured behavioral interviews and reduce the likelihood of discrimination in hiring.

The Optimum Performance Profile® sales predictor provides scoring of each candidate's fit with each of the five major financial selling roles, recommendations on how to train and coach the candidate if selected, and a scripted behavioral interview guide specific to the job for which the candidate is being considered.


Combine Testing with Behavioral Interviewing for Sales

Behavioral interviewing is typically twice as predictive of performance as testing. Combine this process with candidate screening, and you can have a world class hiring process. The Optimum Performance Profile® sales predictor is the only sales hiring instrument that combines testing and behavioral interviewing in one integrated tool.

The third dimension of this hiring system is behavioral interview training for hiring supervisors which includes detailed interview guides and scorecards for seven different sales and service job roles that encompass all job titles in the financial industry.

The fourth dimension is a sales orientation process that provides online video training, skill mastery contracts and final evaluation of a candidate prior to the end of a 90-day probationary period.

Finally, we’re adding a fifth dimension of recruiting tools to help you build a qualified applicant pool. We’ll help you build an inventory of qualified applicants who are prescreened for each job role, so you can dramatically reduce your average time to hire.

For a small annual licensing fee, you can get unlimited use of the Optimum Performance Profile® sales predictor so you can screen every candidate for every sales and service position plus assess every current employee for his or her optimum job fit at minimal cost.

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Sales Hiring Assessment Test

To help you hire bankers who can sell and to fit existing personnel to the job roles that best optimize their performance, we provide the banking industry’s best validated sales hiring assessment, the Optimum Performance Profile® sales predictor. The online test takes just 30 minutes to complete, and you’ll have the results instantly.

In addition to scoring individuals on their likelihood of success in all five financial industry sales, service and supervisory roles, our online assessment provides detailed recommendations on how to train and coach each candidate if selected. You’ll be able to see if the candidate might be a good fit for a different selling role, or even for later promotion to a supervisory role.