Reward Learning and Hold Employees Accountable

Now for the first time, you can give your employees a well-defined path to skill mastery in sales, service, and coaching. SaleSkill Mastery® combines the convenience of online learning and testing with supervisory observation and scoring of actual employee behavior. Working one level of skill mastery at a time, employees get the Feel of Success® and sense of progress that are so important to employee satisfaction and sales effectiveness.


SaleSkill Mastery®, already successfully tested with one of the nation’s largest regional banks, provides four opportunities for certification: customer service, advisory selling, business development, and coaching.

Each certification requires completion of eight online modules and video. Upon completion of each module, the employee must pass both an online test of their skill application mastery and a supervisory observation and scoring of their skill mastery. For final certification, an employee must pass a comprehensive certification exam. Employees are typically allowed four weeks to complete each module.

With everything done online, administration is easy, and you have continued access online to each employee’s progress toward certification. For the first time, you’ll know that your employees are accountable for learning and your supervisors are accountable for coaching.